A push

As creatives, entrepreneurs or soloists, there’s this mix up to believe that creativity and productivity are opposites. They’re not. Creativity. The ability to see opportunity. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Productivity. Ratio between the maximum output and the smallest effort. Peter Drucker. They’re different playgrounds, not ends of the same spectrum. Would your clients describe you as Rick […]


“We empower our clients.” Take a moment from how things go and let’s rethink of this word. If you run a team or work with clients and you empower them, it means you give them power. And just as you can give power, you can take it away. Best control model. Ever. And if you’re in control, […]

​Lines of coke

Coke original, cherry coke, diet coke, vanilla, frozen, no sugar vanilla, black cherry vanilla, raspberry… It all started with one line. It started as a specialized (meaning one product for one market) product that now has many lines and attends several markets. Now, you can’t be what Coke is now. Well, you could try to address different segments […]

You C*NT

How many times have you told yourself you CAN’T do something? Because… You don’t have experience. You don’t know how to do that. It’s not how things work. Who are you to do that? You might fail. You have a reputation. You don’t have a reputation. You have to take care of your brand. You don’t have […]

From self to others

From self to others That’s the. Purpose of a business. To elevate others. Marketing and innovation, said Drucker. That is the way. Putting things out there. Create. Not to stay in your head. Focus on “What could be” to break “What is”. Make the flip. From self to others. more insights Home Daily List Best […]

Charge your worth.

Pricing your work [read somewhere on twitter] “How much value you put in yourself (and your work) is on you.” Bullshit.. It has nothing to do with you. If that were the case –and you value yourself so much-, would someone pay you “your worth ” for cleaning their fridge? You’d put your value and all of you into […]

Don’t Start With Why. Seriously.

Your business doesn’t need a Why.No, seriously. It doesn’t. You might have seen an opportunity and took it. And that’s great.You’re running a business and whether or not your business “has” a purpose, it’s not always a deal breaker. As long as you don’t play us. If your business doesn’t have a Why, a purpose (spoiler […]