A push

As creatives, entrepreneurs or soloists, there’s this mix up to believe that creativity and productivity are opposites. They’re not.

Creativity. The ability to see opportunity. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Productivity. Ratio between the maximum output and the smallest effort. Peter Drucker.

They’re different playgrounds, not ends of the same spectrum.

Would your clients describe you as Rick Rubin is described?

“He is the end all of listeners,” said Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, following their time working together on last year’s Unlimited Love.”

Music Radar

There’s a (hidden) definition of leadership in this interview, because leadership is about elevating others:

“[…] It’s all about helping to push the musicians he’s working with, and the music they’re writing, in the right direction. This is accomplished by listening carefully, offering thoughts and opinions on what he hears, and creating the right conditions for an artist’s creativity to flourish

Helping to push creativity to flourish.

If you focus on that side for your clients, they’ll thrive.

And you know, when they thrive, YOU thrive.

It all can start with ONE question:

“What do I want my life/business to be?”

That, my friend, will give you the first directions.

And that’s a (good) start.

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