Allow yourself to rant

It all starts as a rant. What you find nuts, ridiculous or outrageous. Pour your words into it. Be pissed. Be upset. Call out the nonsense. Then, ask ONE question: How could this help the ones I serve? Now, Flip. Brain dump. Reframe. Write and create. more insights Home Daily List Best Of Archive

The Anti-How-To Guide

Most guides are to tell you How-To do things. Step-by-step processes that are great to do the actionable thing. Of great help when you’re stuck or trying something new. They help you DO the thing. You get to train your hands skills. An Anti-How-To Guide? → To train your head skills. → To train your judgement. → To help […]

Creativity and Productivity

As creatives, entrepreneurs or soloists, there’s this mix up to believe that creativity and productivity are opposites. They’re not. Creativity. The ability to see opportunity. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Productivity. Ratio between the maximum output and the smallest effort. Peter Drucker. They’re different playgrounds, not ends of the same spectrum. more insights Home Daily List Best Of […]

Wishful thinking

Build a brand. Build a culture. Build leaders. Does this even make sense? As if by going thru a process, the result, no matter what, will be that: a brand, a culture or a leader. As you could manufacture any of those. It’s not like that at all. However… What you can do is build the systems […]


Comes in many shapes, sizes and forms. → Almost closing this deal.→ Almost moving forward on a project.→ Almost getting the gig. Until we feel powerless, overinvested, with the threat of losing what we’ve worked so hard for, that we give in and start lowering the price. Heck, we even think on working for free so we’ll get […]


Your price is not a response to the market. It’s a provocation. Push them to consider. Think. Wonder. It’ll change the conversation from: → “Could this expert help me?” (and compare you to others) into → “How could this expert help me?” (compare your proposed options). In agitation, more insights Home Daily List Best Of […]

Come original

“To come original it ain’t nothin’ strange You got to represent you got come full range Full range of emotion full range of styles” Come Original. 311 Coming full range. A call to arms to putting the best of you into what you create, but also to the exploration of the overseen / unseen. To […]

Knowledge x Imagination

That’s the formula Marty Neumeier, brand and branding legend, defined for Originality. K x I = O “Originality comes from the exposure of factual knowledge to the animating force of imagination, depending on the quality of knowledge and level of imagination.” Metaskills: 5 Talents for The Robotic Age2012. Marty Neumeier Meaning, originality is more of a […]

Praise you. Adapted from

“We’ve come a long, long way togetherThrough the hard times and the goodI have to celebrate you, babyI have to praise you like I should“ Praise You. Fatboy Slim Or is it…? Original is an spectrum. A first level comes to things that are only new to you. A next one comes from adapting things under a […]

Simple and repetitive

“The power of playing simple and repetitive:It doesn’t take long for people to get it.” Victor Wooten He’s got a definition of how music needs this naturality so that you stop listening and start feeling. Once you get it, you can be pulled where the other cool, more nuanced (or sophisticated) stuff is. Same is […]