Don’t Start With Why. Seriously.

Your business doesn’t need a Why.
No, seriously. It doesn’t.

You might have seen an opportunity and took it. And that’s great.
You’re running a business and whether or not your business “has” a purpose, it’s not always a deal breaker. As long as you don’t play us.

If your business doesn’t have a Why, a purpose (spoiler alert: profit is not a purpose) or a raison d’être, it’s fine. Make your promise, keep your word and deliver. Just don’t make one up where you and we know it’s complete bullshit.

Here’s an example:

Big TelCom co. saying:
“We believe people are who give sense to technology, not the other way around.”

Translation: We value people

However… you need help and the one replying…
is a bot.
Or you dig at an organizational levels… and staff wages are crap. (people, right?)

Customers (people) feel hostage of their services —since there’s little to no real competition— but have to cope with them.

Would it make a difference if they just say “Hey. We’re here for the money and this is what you can get. It’s a business. It is what it is.”?

At least it’d have more transparency.

Would they have a bigger churn? I think not.

As long as you come as you are, your customers will be fine.

Moral of the story

Don’t play them. Keep things straight.

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