Comes in many shapes, sizes and forms.

→ Almost closing this deal.
→ Almost moving forward on a project.
→ Almost getting the gig.

Until we feel powerless, overinvested, with the threat of losing what we’ve worked so hard for, that we give in and start lowering the price.

Heck, we even think on working for free so we’ll get a bigger project after we showed our value.

“What if lose it?”

Ask yourself:
How can you lose something you never had?

This is what we’ve been taught.

To not “lose” what we’ve been working on. A deal. A sale. Something we’re ‘about’ to win.

We’re so close to the end line, that walking away feels like quitting (and failing).

We move through life on perceived threats and fear of (missing) things. Consciously or unconsciously.

All of this to:

  • Not lose things → So we overinvest in the sale.
  • Not miss opportunities → So we take everything.
  • Win → If we don’t “win”, we’re losing. A zero-sum game.
  • Beware of scarcity → So we bound our work to time.
  • Show your value → So we work for free.
Is there something else?

A way to exit this vicious loop?

Yup. A simple, yet hard thing to do: being ready (and willing) to walk away.

Easier said than done.


On the other hand, the difference is like day and night.

“And although withholding expertise is the only leverage real experts have, it can be a powerful one, indeed.”

David C. Baker — The Business Of Expertise

Being more intentional on who to work with, specific and ruthless on saying no to what you see a bad fit and red flags can help you get off keeping spiraling down.

It all can start with ONE question:

“What do I want my life/business to be?”

That, my friend, will give you the first directions.

And that’s a (good) start.

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