Praise you. Adapted from

“We’ve come a long, long way together
Through the hard times and the good
I have to celebrate you, baby
I have to praise you like I should

Praise You. Fatboy Slim

Or is it…?

Original is an spectrum.

A first level comes to things that are only new to you.

A next one comes from adapting things under a new take.

Just like this song. A sample of “Take Yo’ Praise” by Camille Yarbrough mixed with many other samples.

It takes things already known in a new way.

The thing is, it’s original. It took something already created and gave it an unexpected (and cool) twist.

It’s so original it’s got its own cover(s). [Google Praise You cover and you’ll get a ton of them] 👇

Same happens with you.

You come with a remix of several pieces (your experiences) and through your lens, you bring new things into the world.

That’s why I praise you.


Because you’re out there, creating things to elevate others. That takes courage. Creating. Coming with something new, original.


Ask yourself: How can you find the place where your things come more original?

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