Do you really want followers?

You have to not fit in or blend in. Only if you want to be you.

Fitting in and Blending in.

Why they’re 2 dangerous things in a world of average.

→ Fit in

Imagine this: you’re a square and have to mold yourself to fit in a circle shape, because everyone else is a circle. In the end, you’re still a square, only now hiding your edge.

→ Blend in

Picture yourself as a color. You’re a color (choose your fave one) and get into a blender with other colors. You get blended in dissolving and dissipating your hue and intensity. You get average color.

These 2 are way too dangerous if you want to stand out. They impede you to do it.

What’s the way out?

Un-fit and un-blend. Or, as Louis Grenier says: Stand The F*ck Out.

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